Does My Insurance Policy Cover Roof Damage?

Does My Insurance Policy Cover Roof Damage?

Let Top Dog Roofing assist with your insurance claim in Cedar Park, TX and Greater Austin Area

If your home in Cedar Park, TX or greater Austin has been affected by severe hail or wind storm, you will need to repair the damage immediately. Delaying replacement or repair may cause more damage to the interior of your home. We have over 15 years of experience and 100's of claims under our belt. We will guide you through the process from start to finish and make the project as stress free as possible.

Our experienced professionals know the process from start to finish

Our experienced professionals know the process from start to finish

For all insurance projects, Top Dog Roofing will provide any assistance necessary to handle your claim and promise to meet with your insurance adjuster at the time of the inspection on your behalf. We use our expertise along with our vast relationships with insurance companies to help you determine if a claim should be pursued. If determined yes, we show you the next steps and walk you through the entire process. Top Dog Roofing will make sure your insurance provider compensates you fairly.

Top Dog Roofing will not compromise our ethics or your insurance policy to waive or cover your deductible.

Your insurance company will most likely drop your policy immediately if they find insurance fraud. Not only can that make it nearly impossible to insure your home but future insurance premiums will sky rocket.

If a contractor is willing to compromise on something as major as insurance fraud, what else will they compromise on your roof? You may not only find yourself in trouble with the insurance company, you could also be left with a roof that is not up to par.

When hiring any contractor we encourage our homeowners to educate and research.

Does the contractor:
• Carry general liability insurance.
• Passed an installation workmanship inspection.
• Carries all required licensing and insurance.
• Have good standing with the BBB.
• Has a brick and mortar office.
• Have mainly positive reviews online.